Why We are Best

  • 25+ years of expertise in helping couples achieve pregnancy
  • First Bloom IVF baby born in 1993
  • Large IVF chain with 10 full-fledged IVF centres across India
  • Highly acclaimed team of IVF specialists trained internationally
  • Wide experience of having treated more than thousands of patients
  • Standardized protocols with proven results
  • High success rate comparable to the West (40-50% live birth rate)
  • Highly advanced laboratory with latest IMSI, embryoscope and assisted laser hatching services
  • Awarded with national and international recognitions
  • Advanced expertise in treating repeated IVF failure patients
  • Pioneers in egg freezing (since 2007) and ART services like ICSI, IMSI, assisted laser hatching, blastocyst culture, spindle view technology and embryoscope
  • PGD/PGS services to prevent geneticdisorders
  • Advanced NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) system for PGD
  • Our Labs are HEPA filtered using class 10,000 air handling units which are run 24x7
  • International patients from all over the world – USA, UK, Canada, Mauritius, Middle East, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Norway, Spain and so on

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