Dr Nandita Palshetkar

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Parenthood is the dream of every couple. The urge to procreate is geneticallymotivated and is one of the greatest sources of enduring joy for couples.

Yet, given increasing levels of infertility in today's generation, there are millions of couples who pine for the joy of having a baby. Infertility in women, low sperm counts or motility in men and many other causes makes parenthood difficult if not impossible for such couples.

IVF Specialist with high success rates

Dr.NanditaPalshetkar is one of the pioneers of IVF treatmentin India specialising in Assistive Reproductive Technologies and has been instrumental in helping over 30,000 aspiring parents to have a baby of their own. She is credited with an average IVF success rate of 45%-50%for women under 35.

Combining expertise with high technology

Dr.NanditaPalshetkar is one of the best IVF specialist in India who combines high level of medical expertise with the latest IVF treatment related medical technology to offer high success rates among Infertility treatments. Dr.Palshetkar has the record of being the first to establish assisted laser hatching in India in 1998 she is credited with the first laser hatched twins in India. She also has the distinction of having achieved pregnancy in the oldest woman in India, a 60 year old in 2000, along with having achieved pregnancy with sperms from a hemiplegic husband and also having delivered the first baby in India with three mothers - i.e. with help of a test-tube baby and surrogacy techniques. She is also a pioneer in establishing the spindle view technology in India so as to prevent damage to the genes during test-tube baby procedure, establishing the first egg and ovarian tissue bank in India and establishing IMSI -a new technology for improving results in Male Infertility, for the first time in India.

  • 1994: Started IVF and semen bank in ppnh op hse
  • 1996: Started ICSI for males with low sperm count.
  • 1998: Introduced assisted Laser hatching (first in India) and blastocyst culture for improving pregnancy rates Started the Lilavati Hospital Unit
  • 2005: Introduced Spindle view technology to increase ICSI pregnancy rates. - First in india
  • 2006: Started oocyte Bank & introduced oocyte freezing by vitrification- first in india
  • 2007: Ovarian tissue freezing for young women undergoing Chemo/radiation –first in India
  • 2008: First in India to introduce Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI)
  • 2008: Introduced INVO- first in India. In Vivo Vaginal Culture
  • 2010: Introduced IVM
  • 2012: Introduced Embryoscope We do around 3000 art cycles in a year of which 2000 are in Lilavati& our five units . Rest 1000 art cycles are with other units affiliated with us

Affordable IVF treatment in India

Dr.NanditaPalshetkar is one of the few IVF specialists who have tirelessly worked to reduce the cost of IVF treatments and gain recognition as an affordable infertility specialist. She has worked tirelessly to spread the benefits of IVF treatments in India. Her name and fame and her accessibility has also worked to attract couples from other countries to come to India, attracted by the level of expertise combined with the affordability of costs.

Spreading the knowledge, sharing the expertise

Dr.Palshetkar routinely organizes training programs for other doctors all over India to pass on her considerable skills for the benefit of wider society. She has trained more than 5000 gynecologists in infertility management over last 15 years. To keep abreast of the rapidly evolving technology in the IVF domain worldwide Dr.Palshetkar regularly attends many training programs and workshops worldwide. She also has considerable research work in cutting edge OBGY domain space.
She is currently the professor of OBGY at the Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai and teacher for super specialty degree (FNB), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, National Board, Delhi at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

  • Felicitated by AMC (Association of Medical Consultants) for contribution in various social campaign 2019. View Image
  • Received CSR Award for contribution in Women and Child Health initiative 2019. View Image
  • Received CME Excellence Educator Award at CME Excellence and Summit Awards for Medical Education for Medical Excellence 2019. View Image
  • Received an award (Navshakti Awards) at the event ‘Celebrating Womanhood’ (Jallosh Stree Tatvacha) to commemorate the International Women’s Day 2014 View Image
  • Received Dignitories of Maharashtra award in Mumbai on 30th April 2013. View Image
  • Felicitated by Ghatkopar Medical Association at the President Installation of Ghatkopar Medical Association on 2nd May 2010. View Image
  • Receiving Award for Best Doctor in Gynaecological field (HexWorld Newsmakers Achievers Award 2010.) View Image
  • Receiving Award for “Best Women Achiever” in Gynaecological field from the Mayor of Mumbai Mrs. Shraddha Jadhav in 2010. View Image
  • Felicitated by award at Award function “Manatli Jaaneev”(Janeev Udhyachi!! Stree Manachi!!) View Image
  • Felicitated by MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) in 2010. View Image
  • Received an Award from Gr8 Womens Achievers Award in Medical and Health Care 2011. View Image
  • “Best IVF Service Provider Company of the Year” “Frost and Sullivan” award at the 5th Annual India Healthcare Excellence Awards 2013.View Image
  • Received Bharat Gaurav Award 2014 at House of Commons, London. View Image
  • Received Certificate of Excellence & Savvy Honours Award in Mumbai July 2016 View Image
  • The LRS Asia One Worlds Greatest Leaders 2016-2017 Asia and GCC, Dubai 2017 View Image
  • The TIMES NETWORK National Award for Outstanding contribution in Healthcare Fertility and IVF, TajLandEnd, Mumbai 2017 View Image
  • 10th Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Power Brand Healthcare Leadership Awards 2017 for Indias Most Valuable & Admired Gynecologist 2017 View Image
  • Femina Presents 5th World Women Leadrship Congress & Awards 2018 for Women Super Achiever Award, Taj LandsEnd, Mumbai. View Image
  • Received an award as "Inspiring Gynaecologist of West India" at ETHealthworld Fertility Conclave 2019. View Image
  • The “Economics Times” Award for “Inspiring Gynaecologists of India”– Doctor’s Day Conclave June 2018, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. View Image
  • Received Award for contributing in medical field from Indian Medical Association , 2019 View Image
  • Most comprehensive event on ART, ETHealthWorld Fertility Conclave on 7th March 2019 at The Orchid Hotel , Vile Parle . View Image
  • The event aimed to further the cause of bringing credibility to the Indian fertility industry . Was awarded the Recognition Award as INSPIRING GYNAECOLOGIST OF WEST INDIA for the immense Contribution towards the advancement of REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH View Image
  • Too Happy to be part of the Fertility world and to help n so many couples to complete the dream.
    View Image
  • Person of Exemplary Excellence Award at India-UAE Business and Social Forum at Dubai Meydan Hotel 21.5.17 View Image
  • Outstanding Contribution in Healthcare - Fertility and IVF at Times Influence National Award for Excellence in Healthcare at Taj Lands End, Mumbai 7.7.17 View Image
  • International Heatlcare Award 2016 View Image
  • ​​ The Golden Globe Tigers Award 2017 for outstanding contribution in healthcare fertility and IVF.
      View Image
  • Received an award for Leveraging Technology for Total Disease Management from DigiPharmaX Awards, 2018
  • IMA Empowered Women Award at National Medico Legal Conclave, Aug 2018 at Chennai.
  • The Economics Times Award for Inspiring Gynaecologists of India Doctors Day Conclave June 2018, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.
  • Doctors Day Award IMA EMPOWERED WOMEN AWARD in July at Chennai.
  • Star Group Super Achievers Award for the Best Fertility and IVF Group of the year 2017 at TajLandsEnd, Mumbai 2017.
  • The Golden Globe Tigers Award 2017 for Outstanding Contribution in Healthcare - Fertility and IVF in Malaysia April 2017
  • Healthcare Professional - InFertility and IVF in Delhi-NCR at International Healthcare Summit and Awards November 2016
  • Received Maharashtrache Maankari Award by CBD Foundation on 28th April 2013.
  • Received Dignitaries of Maharashtra award in Mumbai on 30th April 2013.
  • Best IVF Service Provider Company of the Year award at the 5th Annual India Healthcare Excellence Awards 2013 organized by Frost and Sullivan Group.
  • Felicitated by Rotary Club of Mumbai South for outstanding contribution in the field of Gynaecology and IVF treatment 2011.
  • Received an Award from Hex World Newsmakers Achievers Awards for Best Doctor in Gynaecologist field on 1st May 2010.
  • Received an Award for Best Woman Achiever in gynaecological field from from the Mayor of Mumbai (ShraddhaJadhav) in 2010.
  • Received an Award for Best Woman Achiever in gynaecological field from Giants Group of Byculla in 2009.
  • BHARAT EXCELLENCE AWARD and GOLD MEDAL, Certificate of Excellence and Certificate of Felicitation for the year 2009, at the Conference on Economic Growth and Nat
  • Recognized as Maharashtrian Woman Achiever at the Mumbai Festival at Gateway of India, 26th January 2006.