We are very grateful and would like to thank the whole team of fortis bloom IVF centre for this wonderful, efficient and Patient friendly approach. Just keep up the good work which brings joy and smiles to many childless couples. Thanks again

Dr. Swati and Dr. Bhushan

We are so thankful and obliged to the whole staff at fortis la femme for the personal care and love extended to both of us. The communication and care at fortis la femme is extra-ordinary and amazing

Kshitiz and Sapna

Children are a very precious gift for parents me and my wife are waiting for this gift for 10 years. We got this wonderful gift on date 25-11-16. This comes true because of Dr. Laxmi. We are thankful to Dr. Laxmi for this gift. Very vert Thankyou.

Ashok Kumar

Baby Pob-Tripat and myself will like to thank the whole IVF team of Fortis la femme for making one journey a sucess. Pob-Tripat i happy to meet you. Your are part of my family now. i hope you continue to put smiles on couple faces


Dear friend you have been very nice since we came to first time three years ago. Thanks to you now we have our beautiful baby. Thanks for you work, support and friendship


The entire experience with Bloom IVF center has been a pleasure and an extremely smooth experience. Hope the entire team keeps up the good work. Most importantly Dr. Parul accesibilty and support has been a god send. Thank  you everyone.


Special thanks for all the blessings and crew was super fantastic all the days bad turns to smile. All credit to Fortis and team. Thanks for all the smiles and moto to go. Reactions never ends. Here we started our life!


The journey had been joyous and comfortable. Finally we had the joy of our life as our baby Avni Nagar was gifted to us by him on 03-02-17. Team bloom IVF had been caring supportive and laborious we would like to make special mention of Dr. Laxmi Goel who remained pioneer in guidance and care. Kudos to team Bloom IVF.

J. P Nagar

When we first visited FORTIS BLOOM IVF with a dream of becoming parents, we were very apprehensive and unsure about our future. But the team of this centre not only gave us the best treatment but also made us feel like a family. We become proud parent of lovely baby boy on 8 nov 2013.  Thank you every one at Bloom IVF centre for making our dream come true.


I Manju from Sonepat. We have thankful to god and team Bloom IVF. We had taken a God gifted. I had conceived at first time because of Dr. Laxmi. She is very good and nice Doctor. Thank you


I am Jaya Chaubey. Before saying that Dr Laxmi is an extraordinary doctor. I want to tell that Dr. Laxmi is an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing so much of care and concern. A real doctor spends time to look beyond the medical test and report and understand the suffering and pain that patient is going through. You have been so much to me than just a doctor. You have been my therapist, supporter, friend well wisher and angel in disguise throughout my journey to motherhood after so much of suffering for almost 10 years. I can’t thank enough for giving us such a beautiful gift.

Jaya Chaubey

Thank you so much for the efforts involved in bringing happiness with Attana our daughter. We were very depressed in these days but constant followups by IVF team help us too and thank you.

Rakesh and Deepti Sharma

Our babies are wonderful gift for us. This might not be happened without the IVF team. Thanks to all of you

Barnali and Priyatosh

Hello, I am Kanta Sharma age 35. Before coming to Fortis I was in a big depression because of age factor as well as we had already tried many treatment. One of my friend send us to Dr. Laxmi. When we met Dr Laxmi, She said “ Hum aapko bacha denge”. This was the day I fill with hope and happiness and started treatment. Now I am pregnant. “ A great feeling” Dr. Laxmi is just lik next to god foe me. God bless her always. Thank You Dr Laxmi and all other staff

Kanta Sharma

Thank you so much for all the help


Thank you for you valuabale advice and support through this journey. Wishing your team more success in your efforts.

Rupali Dutta

Thanks a lot to everybody and specially respected sir and Dr. Parul for her support and advice. I wish everyone gets the same love and attention as i got from the team. Thanks a ton to God and you all.

Mr. and Mrs. Puri

Thanks to the most amazing family that made our dream come true. You are the best and have been so caring and nice thus making our journey such a memorable experience. RUDRA is truely with us. Thanks to you

Rohit Oberoi

Fortis Hospital is one of a kind i'd recommend. If anyone, not only for the good service but for changing people's life like they did for ours. Your continues success is our best wishes


We can not recommend Dr. Hrishikesh Pai and Dr. Sunita Arora enough. From the consultations, to exams and range of procedures, we felt supported by them and the supported staff at every step. Dr. Arora is very knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. We were always encouraged to ask questions, and she was always very patient during our consultations. We would highly recommend this hospital to anyone in need of help starting a family!! We didn’t regret a bit coming all the way from US to get treated by Dr. Sunita Arora. Thank you so much again.

Anonymous - Chicago (US)

I thank god for what he has done in my life and for giving me a good result in Feb batch embryos transfer at Fortis Bloom IVF center. I appreciate all the Drs. , Counselor and other workers. They are wonderful people and takes care of their patient very well and they want the best result for their patients. I had a wonderful time with all of them. I love you all

Mrs Akntolav Opeyeam Omobolaji