Spindle Check

Spindle Check

It’s a very advanced technique where a highly specialized microscope is used to check for placement of spindle in egg before the eggs are injected with sperm. There is scientific evidence that eggs injected after checking the position of spindle have potential of giving better quality embryos. Additionally, in cases of oocyte freezing, results are better when oocytes are frozen, after the appearance of spindle, which can be done only by using the spindle check.We are the first unit in India to get this technology in 2018. Our Mumbai unit has this great technology.

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Step-by-Step Procedure of Spindle Check

Egg retrieval procedure done under general anesthesia
Eggs reterived are denuaded
Mature eggs are picked up after denudation
Under special polarized microscope or polscope, meiotic spindle of the oocyte is localized.
Hence locating the spindle, helps to avoid it during the ICSI procedure.

Common Questions

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In conventional ICSI, polar body is used as a surrogate marker for spindle location. But in some patients the spindle can be displaced from the polar body and hence can cause potential damage to the spindle at the time of ICSI. Identifying the location of the spindle can help the embryologist to avoid it during the ICSI procedure.
Spindle check can help patients with very less no of eggs or low AMH to get better fertilization rate. Or in patients who develop poor quality embryos.