How can one choose the best infertility specialist for IVF in India among the plethora of infertility doctors and infertility clinics in India?

When a patient searches in or and types"infertility specialists in India", "Best IVF clinics in India " ," Top fertility centres in India" , " IVF Doctors in India "– you get a never ending list of fertility clinics advertising on Google pages as Top IVF Clinics , Best IVF clinics , Top IVF specialists , Infertility specialist , Affordable IVF Clinics , Ultimate list of IVF clinics , Reliable IVF Clinics etc…

The list is endless, It becomes very difficult to choose just one infertility specialist who is reliable, affordable and who has a team of people having a patient centred approach.

Everyone claims that they are among the Top Infertility Specialists in India –

Because generally infertility is a private struggle, most couples don’t know whom in their friends and family circle to ask for referrals — if they feel comfortable asking at all- even if they did know. Just because a friend or family member is open about their infertility doesn’t mean that you too want to discuss about it.

Mentioned below are some pointers which can help couples who wish to start journey of their infertility treatment until their dreams are realised.


  • Fall for the above mentioned content in their website. (Top IVF Clinics , Infertility Specialists Etc..), these keywords are used to rank their website higher in the search engine results page. Go beyond the first 3 pages in Google and to look out for an Infertility specialist. Infertility Clinics Pay Google to advertise on the top 3 pages.
  • Believe their success rate with a grain of Salt. while these top infertility clinics are not necessarily trying to defraud patients, it’s quite possible the numbers you’re seeing are not entirely comprehensive.
    Then there’s the fact that some clinics turn away “hard” cases — while others accept them with open arms. As you might imagine, both practices impact success rates in different ways.
  • Go through a comprehensive consulting session and make sure that IVF is not the only treatment option. If a Top Infertility Specialist or an IVF clinic jumps straight at IVF treatment or IVF is their flagship product ( highly priced ) of their Infertility Clinic – that’s a RED flag.
  • Do not just visit a infertility specialist and be enamoured . There is no such thing as a dumb question. Ask , Ask and Ask questions. It is highly recommend to take notes during every appointment and researching more on every topic when you get home. Write down the list of questions in sequence you want to ask the infertility specialist . - Don’t be afraid to challenge your infertility specialist if you’ve found a study or report that contradicts his plan.
  • Location is not important – Even if you have to travel a lot to meet a good infertility specialist then do it. This is the most important decision of your life.
  • Beyond the infertility Specialists – the following things one should monitor and analyse
  • How were you greeted when you visited the infertility clinic the first time.
  • Live birth rate of the Infertility Clinic
  • Certifications, Awards , Experience in the ART field , No of IVF Cycles done till date .
  • Equipment’s used in the Lab.

And finally make sure that every time you walk out of that infertility clinic – you are definitely energized.

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