Fertility Treatment Advantage in India

Bloom IVF Clinic’s overall patient volume has grown consistently over the last few years; we have also observed that our overseas and out station patients have increased three folds. Bloom IVF medical team offer Free Online second opinion to fertility patients worldwide on daily basis.

Bloom IVF Clinic’s success rates are the best in the world. These ivf success rates are achieved through the very high level of expertise of our clinical and scientific team and the laboratory techniques developed over many years of combined experience and knowledge.

Our Fertility Clinic at any given time works with numerous IVF centers across India. Where we have qualified and trained staff to see steady streams of overseas patients, we, indeed, have established almost routine arrangements and set up processes to deliver quality fertility treatments.

In the last 20 years have seen an exponential growth of fertility/infertility clinics across the globe. They offer services such as: artificial insemination by husband or donor sperm, gamete intra fallopian transfer (GIFT), in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer (IVF-ET), intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), donor egg treatment, donor embryo treatment and endoscopic diagnosis as well as the use of a surrogate mother. Presently, the field of reproductive medicine is witnessing a paradigm shift with new techniques being added and the same being educated to the people at large. India, being at the forefront of reproductive medicine, has become a go-to destination for all the IVF treatments available around the world. The Indian IVF sector accounts to around five billion dollars and has around 500 plus IVF clinics across the country. This is because of various factors various factors like superior infrastructure, to effective treatment options to increased awareness to no regulations, all these determinants have influenced growth for this sector in India. Bloom IVF is at the forefront and caters to a large volume of infertility patients locally as well as internationally.

The Indian fertility tourism is fast becoming a favored destination for medical tourism. It has become the Go-To destination for all kinds of fertility treatment options and thereby opened new avenues for reproductive medical tourism or better known as the fertility tourism. The key drivers for its growth being the increasing number of infertility cases in the country and growing number of people from abroad who flock to India seeking high-end treatments that comes at a fraction of the price that they have to pay abroad. According to the medical tourism website of the Government of India, the combination of the low cost of infertility treatment in India - nearly one-quarter of the cost in developed nations - and the modern ART available here make India a top choice for infertility treatments. Fertility clinics in countries like UK, Australia, France, Spain, and Denmark are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demand for donor eggs and hence turning to India for all kinds of infertility treatment services.
Bloom IVF has significant number of patients consulting them on fertility issues and solutions from UK, UAE, USA, Australia and Africa.

Three factors that contribute to Bloom IVF Center’s growth are

  • Latest Technology and state-of-the-art IVF Labs.
  • Skilled IVF doctors who are Fertility Experts in India
  • Quality and Affordable IVF Treatment

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