Egg donation

This treatment provides an answer for infertile women with ovarian problems, such as primary or premature ovarian failure. In addition, women with normal ovarian function may require oocyte donation, in cases of recurrent failure of IVF treatment.

In this process a fertile woman (donor) allows several of her oocytes to be aspirated following ovarian stimulation and used to enable another woman, who is infertile due to ovarian failure, to conceive with IVF.

Egg donation is useful in cases of:

• Premature ovarian failure
• Ovarian failure following chemotherapy or radiotherapy
• Previous multiple failed IVF s
• Heritable geneticdiseases can be avoided with the use of donor oocytes.
• Women who have undergone bilateral oophorectomy for some reason in past.

Before donation is undertaken, oocyte donor is screened for infectious diseases of hepatitis B , hepatitis C , Venereal disease of syphilis and AIDS HIV 1 and 2 . The laboratory evaluation includes a complete blood count and sedimentation rate to identify occult infection. In all cases haemoglobinopathies such as Thalassemia are ruled out. The donors are matched for height , built, weight , skin colour, hair colour , eye colour and blood group Recently our is one of the unique units in India which has started offering expanded carrier screening of egg donors . Additional specificgenetic or medical testing is done if male partner of recipient has some geneticdisease. This is called couple carrier screening. In this a specific donor and the recipient’s husband are made to undergo expanded carrier screening . If the match comes negative, than specific donors eggs are used.

Oocyte donation involves invasive medical treatment for the donor, covering ovarian stimulation and the trans vaginal retrieval of mature oocytes under anaesthesia. Recipient can be simultaneously prepared in same cycle or embryos can be frozen and used at a later date. Sometimes the husband may have azoospermia (zero sperms) as well. In this case we can use donor eggs plus doner sperm. This is called embryo donation.

Our unit can provide both fresh or cryopreserved quarantined eggs for egg donation. The eggs can be quarantined for HIV. We can also provide donor eggs which have undergone expanded carrier screening. Our success rate of egg conation is 90 % /3 attempts