Microfluidic technology is used for sperm quantification, sperm quality analysis, and sperm sorting getting the best yield of sperm , without damaging the sperms and without causing DNA fragmentation . These sperms which are then used for IUI, IVF or ICSI. It is very useful for cases in which the semen sample has poor semen parameters and helps in improving the outcomes.All our units have this technology available in our labs.

Step-by-Step Procedure of Microfluidics

Check collected semen for viscosity, volume, count and motility.
Sample with normal viscosity, volume more than 0.8 ml can be selected for MF
Selected sample is injected through the inlet port of the MF chamber.
Incubate the chamber for 20-30 mins
Post wash sample is collected through the outlet port.

Common Questions

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No, it is an advanced technique for processing the semen sample.
It is the technique done on the semen sample with less motility, in cases with recurrent ivf failure or in patients with low rate of egg fertilization.