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Bloom IVF Centre in Chandigarh

Fortis Bloom IVF Centre

A top IVF facility in the area, Bloom IVF Centre is situated in the core of Chandigarh. This prestigious IVF Centre in Chandigarh was established in 2015 by the acclaimed IVF Doctor, Dr Hrishikesh Pai, a well-known fertility specialist, and is committed to providing a wide range of IVF Treatment choices, ensuring that hopeful parents receive comprehensive care on their journey to parenthood.

Modern treatments, including IVF (In vitro fertilisation), IUI (Intrauterine insemination), and even donor sperm and egg donation, are available in the clinic's menu of services. They also realise the value of relaxation and holistic health in this process and offer alternative treatments like yoga and acupuncture to boost the odds of success for their patients.

With IVF success rates above 50% and IUI success rates reaching 20%, Bloom IVF Centre has a great track record. This astonishing success displays the skill of the qualified medical professionals and dedicated personnel who make up this renowned IVF Clinic in Chandigarh.

Patients at this IVF Hospital in Chandigarh profit from the amount of experience held by the professionals who are knowledgeable in the most recent fertility treatment approaches. The courteous personnel prioritise the relaxation and comfort of the patient, offering a welcoming environment throughout the journey.

Another quality of this IVF Treatment in Chandigarh is convenience. The Bloom IVF Centre also understands the financial element of fertility treatment. They provide several payment alternatives, including installment plans and the potential of financial aid, lessening the financial strain and ensuring that ambitious people can pursue parenting with optimism and confidence.

Our Doctors

Dr Hrishikesh Pai
Dr. Hrishikesh Pai
Dr Nandita Palshetkar
Dr. Nandita Palshetkar
M.D, F.C.P.S, F.I.C.O.G
Dr Tarang Yadav
Dr. Tarang Yadav
Dr Sunita Chandra
Dr. Sunita Chandra

Infertility Treatment At Bloom Ivf Clinic In Chandigarh

The India-based Bloom IVF Treatment in Chandigarh is a world-class reproductive facility committed to assisting patients in overcoming infertility challenges and realising their parental dreams. Our clinic offers each patient the best care possible thanks to a staff of skilled and caring medical professionals with the best IVF Doctor available.

The IVF Hospital in Chandigarh provides a full range of reproductive therapies, such as IVF, IUI, and substitutes for donor sperm and donor eggs. They also provide complementary treatments like yoga and acupuncture to increase the likelihood of success, taking a holistic approach to conception. Patients can have faith in the clinic's expertise and dedication to delivering excellent results because of the IVF Centre in Chandigarh’s success rate of over 50% and IUI success rate of over 20%.

Consider Bloom IVF Clinic in Chandigarh as a dependable partner in your quest for family if infertility is a roadblock in your way.

Success Rates of Bloomivf IVF Centre in Chandigarh

India's Bloom IVF Clinic in Chandigarh has been a go-to location for almost ten years for people navigating the challenging path of infertility, . This renowned IVF Treatment in Chandigarh consistently achieves outstanding success rates, which makes it a ray of hope for many. It has the best IVF Doctor. According to the most recent data-driven calculations, their IVF success rate is above 50%, while their IUI success rate is an exceptional 20% or more.

A mix of crucial elements is the source of Bloom IVF Centre's success. With a strong track record and a broad range of comprehensive services, the Bloom IVF Centre in Chandigarh makes a compelling choice. The age of the patient, the cause of infertility, the calibre of the egg and sperm, and the level of expertise of the medical staff can all have an impact on success rates. If you are concerned about your chances, speak with your doctor at Bloom IVF Hospital in Chandigarh to create a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve your goal of becoming a parent.

Bringing Hope and Happiness: IVF Centre in Chandigarh

Are you struggling to conceive? Having trouble with fertility treatment? We understand how complex and tiresome treatments can be, so our IVF hospital in Chandigarh offers top solutions and effective techniques with the latest equipment to upgrade the treatments. Our experts guide couples throughout the process with mental and physical health support. We provide IVF treatment in Chandigarh only when we are sure through tests for high success rates. Our team will understand the root cause and offer you the best possible solution to bring hope and happiness to reality.

Compassionate Care, Successful Results: Choose Our IVF Centre in Chandigarh

Being infertile can be an extremely stressful and emotional situation. It's crucial to locate an IVF Hospital in Chandigarh that offers compassionate assistance in addition to top-notch medical care. The IVF Clinic in Chandigarh is committed to providing unwavering care and understanding from the moment you walk through our doors since they are aware of the difficulties you may be facing.

Specialized IVF Doctor and nurses make up our team, and they are fully committed to assisting you in achieving your goal of becoming a mother. IVF Centre in Chandigarh provides a wide range of fertility treatments, such as donor sperm and eggs, IVF, and IUI. We also provide complementary therapies like yoga and acupuncture to increase your chances of success and to soothe you.

Knowing that every patient is different, we create IVF Treatment in Chandigarh to suit your specific requirements, providing individualised care all along the way. We would be honoured to support you along the way as you prepare to become a mother by providing compassionate care, individualised plans, and flexible financing alternatives.

Comprehensive IVF Solutions at Chandigarh's Renowned Fertility Centre

You need to seek no further than Chandigarh's Bloom IVF Centre if you desire a complete IVF Treatment in Chandigarh and are facing infertility. This renowned fertility centre's competent IVF Doctor and sympathetic nurses are committed to providing you with the utmost care from the time you walk through their doors. They engage with you to build a personalised treatment strategy customised to your needs.

The Bloom IVF Clinic in Chandigarh provides a range of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments, including intrauterine insemination (IUI), donor sperm and egg donation, egg and embryo storage, and even surrogacy. The IVF Centre in Chandigarh also provides complementary therapies like yoga and acupuncture to help relax and boost your chances of success in addition to these contemporary procedures.

Access to a large array of treatments, qualified medical staff, tailored care plans, complementary therapies, and flexible financing options are all advantages of choosing Bloom IVF Hospital in Chandigarh. Contact them right away and take the first step towards attaining your dream of becoming a parent.


Have u seen a Angel in your life ? i had seen. After my 2 Abortion i was very upset. My ex-incharge Ravinder kaur ( now Superviser ) told me about excellent Dr. Pai Team in Fortis. I started treatment at Fortis Hospital. I got all needed guidance/treatment instructions per telefon and per whatsupp also before and after my Pregnancy. Now i m so happy to have a little naughty baby boy. I am so thankful to Dr Hrishikesh Pai and his team. God bless you all Guys

Kulwinder (Switzerland)

We cannot recommend Dr. Hrishikesh Pai enough. From the consultations, to exams and range of procedures, we felt supported by them and the supported staff at every step. Dr. Pai is very knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. We were always encouraged to ask questions, and she was always very patient during our consultations. We would highly recommend this hospital to anyone in need of help starting a family!! We didn’t regret a bit coming all the way from US to get treated by Dr. Pai. Thank you so much again.

Anonymous - Chicago (US)

We would like to thank Dr. Hrishikesh Pai and his team who helped us to achieve our important goal of parenthood. He is like God to us. I must say he is a great doctor and the best IVF specialist in India. We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful twins. Dr. Hrishikesh Pai and his team provided us with exceptional care. From the day we walked through his clinic to day we were done with our treatment the services was just excellent. For us Everything worked on the first cycle. 100% recommend. Thank you once again!

Aakash Shrivastav

We are happy and proud parents of an 8-year-old today, and we happily remember and thank Dr.Nandita in making this possible. I was introduced to Dr.Nandita through a friend, in the midst of a hectic professional life. We were comfortable with her guidance and advice from the very start. Dr.Nandita diagnosed and treated my endometriosis and provided all her expertise, care and guidance in the subsequent months as she took us through to a safe and much-looked-forward-to delivery. We had the confidence and faith that we were in the safest hands possible, and Dr.Nandita proved to be every bit of that. We recall her warm, cheerful guidance to this day with sincere affection and gratitude, and are happy to wish her all success in her endeavours.

Lakshmi Gopal

I would like to thanks Dr. Hrishikesh Pai for his remarkable work which he has done for us and help us to achieve our important goal of a parenthood. My wife concieved in the very first cycle. No pain nothing. He treated so efficiently that i dont have words to write. His IVF Centre is in its class very clean and beautiful staffs and IVF specialist doctors are also great , polite and knowledgeable. Thanks Dr. Hrishikesh Pai for your help. We are very happy to announce a new member in our life and family a beautiful baby.

Anjali Rathore

The children we bring into the world are small replicas of ourselves and our husbands;the pride and joy of grandfathers and grandmothers. We dream of being mother and for most of us dreams are realised naturally,but for me to be blessed with a baby boy through IVF is the miracle of our life and this miracle only happened with all your efforts and guidelines. His littlest feet make the biggest footprint in our hearts. Baby in our hand is a proof that dreams really do come true. All thanks to you dear doctors.

Manmeet Kaur

We were planning baby for the last 7 years but it was not happening . Somebody recommended Bloom IVF Centre, at Fortis, Mohali. We had a word with her and were convinced about her treatment strategies and now we are proud parents. All thanks to her and her team and staff . I must say from cost perspective also we need not to shell even a single penny other than already told amount. once again thank u so much to Bloom IVF team and we highly recommend her.

Vipin Chhabra

I want to thank the whole team of 'Dr. Pooja Mehta' for making our dreams come true. We are a family because of you and we will never forget that. More than a good doctor I value the fact that Bloom Team is full of good human beings. Thank you so much for all the love and care from the core of my heart. Wishing you all the best !!!

Kanchan Goel

Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you for making our dreams come true. We are overjoyed with our sweet daughter. We had great experience in your care. We are forever grateful to Bloom Team helping us achieve our dreams. We would like to thank you for the exceptional care you have given us. We are a family because of you, and we will never forget that. Thank you very much for all the support and bringing happiness in our life. Wishing you all the best!

Vandana and Nitin Kalia

"Doctors" An Angel sent by God on Earth Doctor is a person after God who has the ability to save life rather in our case to give life 😊. Today we are blessed with a beautiful baby Girl. I want to thank Dr. Rishikesh Pai , and whole team of Bloom IVF for bringing happiness in our life. Every time you meet her you feel so positive . We cannot express our feelings for you in words . A nice quote " Good doctor understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business " Thank you for spreading SMILES Lots of Love

Manisha Gaurav Jain

Hi i am Nidhi Vashist, six years of an unending wait for a child brought me to the Fortis IVF Bloom centre and a miracle happened. The team at IVF Bloom made this happen. Iam so very thankful to Dr.Pai & team for bringing life back to my life.Not only the process at Fortis is systematic and much calculated but also the mental support that the doctors give is commendable. At each step, i was well guided. The support staff at the Bloom Centre is also very polite and helpful. The bloom center in its best capacity is trying to bring dreams of people into realities. The center has becum an insepareable part of my life. Whenever i will see my child in my lifetime i will always be thankful to you. With lots of good wishes.Keep up the good work.

Nidhi Vashist

No words can explain the pleasant feelings! Dr . Pai and his team took excellent care of me while I was undergoing the procedure in Fortis IVF Bloom Gurgaon. The relationship with Dr Pai was more than that of a Doctor and Patient. He supported me during that tough time It was only because of his team I was able to pass those days without any anxiety or nervousness as he was always there to comfort and remove any doubts that i had regarding the procedure . Ultimately all went well and I was happy with my little princess in my lap. Thankyou sooooo much Fortis Bloom Team God Bless you All

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